Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google must think I'm really religious

I decided to add advertising to my blog, largely, frankly, to learn more about how Google adsense works and how people respond to it. I thought it was fascinating that somehow Google figured I or my readers must be really religious, because the site was immediately populated with Bible ads, including one for the Gospel of John. Well, at least that's my name, but I know the readers of this blog know it doesn't have anything to do with gospel. Wandering the desert maybe...


  1. The reason that GOD invented AdBlock Plus is so that I don't have to look at syndicated adverts.
    If you want me to see your ads, the deliver them yourself.

    FYI - just one filter of *doubleclick* will block about 1/3 of all the ads that websites try to shove in your face.

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