Friday, February 5, 2010

Q&A with Pierre Omidyar re Peer News

Those of you interested in learning more about the service I'm helping build in Hawaii might be interested in this Q&A with Pierre Omidyar published by Pacific Business News.

Key quote: "Our goal is to create the new civic square. We want to provide a platform for people to come together as a community. We hope to encourage people to become more engaged in the world around them and provide them with ways to respectfully discuss important issues with their neighbors."


  1. what peer news needs is a multimedia journalist. hehe. stills. that tell a story...and video too!

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  2. Why wasted his times with such trivial things he is already a billionaire. I like the idea though Twitter needs to get its act together.
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  3. I agree with andrew that he is already a billionaire. He doesn't require it and I also liked the idea for sure.
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  4. I'd have to say that if I am a billionaire with a passion for public service, I wouldn't be able to live with myself without doing something about the media situation in Hawaii (not to mention the rest of the country and the world).

    However, what these guys are putting together isn't just better than the competition over there. Their goal is well beyond that of just beating the competition (in fact my guess is they plan to work with what would be their competition, because they call it a news service). This is about making public service journalism, including enterprise and investigative reporting packages, profitable again, as they have clearly stated.

    And they will succeed by bringing in the tools of the information age in a way that journalists have never done before. They will bring journalism into a position where it leads the information age, rather than being beaten in the head by it, which is what has happened since the information age began.

    Who better to digitize a community with the goal of increasing its civic engagement, than the chairman and founder of the most profitable online community?

    No questions about why he's doing it if you ask me.

  5. hi i am iranian i want to speak mr omidyar
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  6. There are very few rich people that put there money back into helping others.

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