Thursday, August 6, 2009

ME Sprengelmeyer's "first edition" of the Guadalupe County Communicator

Thursday was ME's big day. His first edition of the Guadalupe County Communicator hit the streets. I thought those of you who read about him in the first installment of this blog's "A New Life" series about journalists reinventing themselves would appreciate this photograph of his beaming face holding his first edition. ME has gone from Washington correspondent for the Rocky Mountain News to owner, editor and publisher of the New Mexico weekly.

ME was surprised by a visit from Lynn Bartels, a former colleague from The Albuquerque Tribune and Rocky Mountain News who now works for The Denver Post.

In his new role, ME had to drive the 99-mile "back roads" home from the printer with a truckload of his first edition. When he got back, Lynn was there to help him distribute the paper.



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