Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good luck to CNN trying to get $199 per story

E&P reports that CNN will try to charge $199 per story on its new wire service. Good luck. I was one of the editors who attended CNN's meeting on a potential wire service last year. They're smart folks who seemed like they were flying high compared to their newspaper brethren. But to think that many news organizations would be willing to pay that kind of fee seems wildly deluded. Even if the content is much better than the ordinary stuff we were shown at the Atlanta meeting, I can't see editors paying for it.


  1. Some of us have no idea whether or not this makes sense.
    For example, how much does AP or ThomsonReuters charge?

  2. Trust me, it makes no sense. AP charges for a service, not by the story. At least typically. I don't know what Reuters is charging today, but I'm sure it's far less than AP. CNN doesn't produce anything worth $199.

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