Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Universities take smart step in building Futurity.org, a site dedicated to the best and latest in academic research

Even if newspapers and other traditional news organizations weren't struggling, it would be smart for non-profits and other organizations to do their own thing online. But given their problems, it's encouraging to see sites like Futurity.org emerging.

This is the beginning of a press release announcing the site that I received today.

"Cutting-edge research stories were once staples of nearly every daily newspaper, but as pressure from the internet forced most publishers to reduce the size of their issues and their staff, coverage of science news has dramatically declined.

"Now, 35 leading research universities have joined together to create Futurity.org, a unique, online research news channel dedicated to showcasing the best of American university research."

These universities are doing the right thing. The site is definitely worth checking out. Of course this site could face its own issues, but better to face them than to stand by and see the quality of journalism dedicated to science and research decline. One positive aspect of the future, I believe, is more sites like Futurity.org, where smart people or deep organizations with expertise in a subject take it upon themselves to be the source, rather than waiting for news organizations to fill the gap.


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