Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great feature by Scott Simon on NPR other journalists could learn from

Scott Simon produced a great feature today on his morning show. He had different people read the words of two well-known personalities - President Obama and Miss California, Carrie Prejean - regarding their views on gay marriage. When the words were removed from the character who had said them, they seemed to take on different meaning.

Essentially, a guess who said this feature. But what it does is play with a listeners' preconceptions about people, a bit like a blind tasting of wine, where the $8 bottle might beat out the $50 bottle.

Here's what he said about the value of the feature:

"I play this little exercise this week because it may show how people — especially intelligent people — hear what they want to."

Kudos to journalism like this that challenges people's thinking.


  1. I have read the article based on the Great features which is derived by the Scott and his new contribution regarding the NPR and the learning process.I agree with the point that When the words were removed from the character who had said them, they seemed to take on different meaning.Different meaning have same core but use at the different levels.


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